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?Late Jurassic - Late Cretaceous
Area in South Australia ~325 000 km2 (125 000 sq. miles)
Depth to target zones 1000 - 3000 m (Duntroon Sub-basin); 2000 - 6000 m (Ceduna Sub-basin)
Thickness 15 km
Hydrocarbon shows Oil shows Greenly 1 (1993)
First commercial discovery None
Identified reserves Nil
Undiscovered resources (50% prob.) Not determined
Production Nil
Basin type Rift - passive margin
Depositional setting Non-marine to paralic (Early Cretaceous), marine to fluviodeltaic (Late Cretaceous)
Reservoirs Non-marine to to marine sandstone
Regional structure Anticline closure against tilted faulted blocks, flower structure
Seals Non-marine and marine shale and mudstone
Source rocks Non-marine to marine shale, coaly interbeds
Depth to oil/gas window 1700 - 3500 m
Number of wells 9 offshore, 1 onshore, numerous stratigraphic
Seismic line km 92 298 2D offshore, 13797 sq km 3D offshore, 358 2D onshore

Promising results from Geoscience Australia’s Bight Basin survey (AUSGEO News website)

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Bight (2010 acreage release):

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1999 Acreage Release