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Late Carboniferous - Middle triassic
Area in South Australia 35 000 km2 (13 510 sq. miles)
Depth to target zones 1250 - 3670 m
Thickness 2500 m
Hydrocarbon shows

Widespread over 8 formations

First commercial discovery 1963 gas (Gidgealpa 2)
Production (12 months to June 2013) 68.47 PJ of gas (including some ethane), 1,065,455 kL (6,702,239 bbl) of oil, 130,218t of LPG and 175,668 kL of condensate
Basin type Intracratonic
Depositional setting Non-marine
Reservoirs Fluvial, deltaic, shoreface sandstones
Regional structure

Faulted anticlines

Seals Lacustrine shales, coal
Source rocks Carbonaceous shale, thick (up to 30 m) coal
Depth to oil/gas window 1250 m
Number of wells ~2000
Seismic line km 76,220 2D , 10,944 km2 3D (70103 km)


In response to the deep interest in unconventional gas exploration in the Cooper Basin, and the high demand for unconventional gas well data as it becomes available, the Department of State Development has set up the Cooper Basin Unconventional Wells and Data web page. The web page lists the unconventional gas wells that have been drilled in the Cooper Basin, open file data release dates, and has direct links to available well completion reports and wireline log data.

Well completion reports for all publicly available wells can be downloaded via SARIG

All open file logs for other wells can be purchased from the Department of State Development , by emailing

Current Acreage Releases
Geothermal Energy
Holders of Petroleum Tenements in South Australia (.PDF) 2.75 MB: Earth Resources Information Sheet P1 showing offshore tenements and latest acreage opportunities
Available acreage in South Australia

Previous Acreage Releases for Cooper and Eromanga Basins